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Survival Box

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The TEKNA® Survival Box is a Top-Quality, 36 piece, 50+ multi-function emergency survival kit.  

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The TEKNA® Survival Box is a top-quality, USA, 36 piece, 50+ multi-function emergency survival kit. You'll never worry about getting lost in the woods again because this Survival Box includes everything you need to catch and prepare food, start a fire, find your way, signal for help and much more. Perfect for Campers & Backpackers, Military, Scouts, preppers, bushcrafters, and survivalists, or for anyone who just wants to be prepared! This kit contains the essential gear that can save you in a disaster. It could save your life in an emergency.  The Survival Box has more than triple the gear and functions of similar size kits.

  •     Water and shock resistant polymer case with lanyard, + room for addtional items. Can be used as a solar snow melter, or scoop.
  •     Splash Lite LED lithium diving flashlight with 20-yr shelf life, battery included. Lens can be used as magnifier.
  •     17 piece fishing tackle: hooks, swivels, fly, weights, 40’ of 40 lb braided fishing line. Use hook & line for sewing, Line for lashing, lacing.
  •     11 Function Stainless Steel Multi-tool with can opener, knife, screwdriver, ruler, bottle cap opener, 4 position wrench, oxygen valve wrench, saw blade, compass overlay, 2 position wrench, and a lanyard/keyring hole.
  •     Signal mirror (stainless) with sight
  •     Small animal snare (stainless)
  •     Spearhead / Arrowhead (stainless)
  •     Liquid filled Compass with lanyard groove (Use fishing line)
  •     Magnesium fire starter stick
  •     Ceramic knife sharpener rod
  •     Foam pad can be used for fishing float, or bathing sponge
  •     Nail for making holes, & 2 Safety pins
  •     An aLOKSAK brand bag for water storage, FDA Approved Medical Grade Materials
  •     Survival guide fan card (10 pages). The most important part!
  •     Marine signal whistle with clip
  •     Made in the U.S.A. (complies with the "Buy American Act", may contain imported components).
  •     CE (European Union compliant)
  •     5.25" X 3.5" X  1.5", 13.3cm x 8.9cm x 3.8cm
  •     6.5 oz., 185 g



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